Keep your money safe!

SkimShield, for a safe Vacation

With the SkimShield- card in your wallet you are fully protected from wireless skimming wherever you are in the world. Especially now during semester times it is more important than ever to have a SkimShield card in your wallet. During these times you are usually moving around in more crowded areas than you would do in normal cases. Maybe you are visiting a shopping mall, or a big shoppingstrip, you might even go to a festival or concert. During these times people are often more aware of traditional pocket thieves and keep their wallets and other valuables close to hand.
But what most people don't think about is that these places are also ideal for wireless skimming. The thief can walk past you with a telephone looking device in their pocket or bag  and steal your payment cards information without you having no idea this happened before the money is taken from you account. 
Drop the concern on you vacation and order your skimcard today! We from SkimShield are here to keep your well earned money yours and protected from criminals attempt to steal them. 
Now, enjoy your vacation and keep your money safe with SkimShield!
Best regards, The SkimShield team.