How does SkimShield work?

The Problem


In the last year banks have created new types Credit & Debit cards that come with a built in RFID chip that holds your payment cards information. With the help of this chip you can "blip" your card when paying in stores instead of putting in your code or signing.

The major problem is that thieves have come up with a program that can read these type of RFID signals from a distance. These types of thieves can just walk past you on the streets with the device in their bag or in their phone and access your cards information from up to a couple of meters away.  But here is where Skimshield comes in.

Our Technology

The Skimshield card contains a RFID blocking chip that with the help of it's e-Field technology creates an electromagnetic field that jams all incoming signals that try to read your payment cards information. The technology we use is the most optimal way of keeping your credit and debit cards safe from electronic thefts. Simply just place the Skimshield-card in your wallet and you are protected from wireless skimming.